Aircraft Seats

Producing complete seat solutions made from lightweight materials

Connect to the Lightweight Future

Through industrial cooperation programs, SAI is exchanging technologies with domestic and foreign manufacturers to develop and produce aircraft interiors and various aviation products.  To manufacture higher quality products SAI utilizes unique process technology to strengthen its products.  Furthermore, SAI reinforces the product structure with composite materials to reach lightweight characteristic and cost savings. SAI’s aviation product development policy:

  1. Promoting and cooperating with the Aerospace Industry Association(AIA) to improve technological  development
  2. Encouraging research & development and promote technology to take root
  3. Establishing a comprehensive inspection system for aviation related products

Superalloy Material

AI applies net shape aluminum alloy  forging with composites on aeronautics products which improves the characteristics of the material to meet various requirements such as, light weight, stiffness, comfort, and varieties of design. In addition, SAI not only focuses on fire resistant, low thermal conductivity of the products, but also on more comfort and lower energy consumption. These are the contributing factors for establishing how SAI reaches better performances in its R&D aviation products.

3D Modelling and Material Rendering

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