Forged Wheels

Bespoke lightweight and durable forged wheels that deliver efficiency and quality

Over the years, SAI has accumulated vast and comprehensive experience in designing forged wheels for the major automotive industries – Europe, United Kingdom, United States and Japan. The expertise of SAIs design team can develop a wide range of wheel types of passenger cars, which include sedan, roadster, luxury car, sports car, SUV, hybrid and EV.

To ensure the objectives of every project are met, SAI assigns each customer with a dedicated engineer to control and manage the project, and meet consumer’s assembly requirement. This has been a contributing factor to SAI obtaining and satisfying customers from all over the world.

Below is an overview of the leading customers that SAI has supplied forged wheels to:

Quality Assurance

All forged wheels manufactured by SAI are approved by the international safety regulation and standards bodies, such as TUV, SAE and JWL. Click here to view SAIs quality certifications. SAI also provides specific safety certifications based on individual requirements.


Forged Wheel

Cast Wheel


  • Higher Strength
  • Better Stiffness
  • Design Oriented
  • Better Durability
  • Higher Elongation
  • Higher Impact resistance
  • Less Strength
  • Less Stiffness
  • Design limit due to strength


  • Higher material yield and fracture
  • Better material flow texture
  • Tighter microstructure
  • Lower material yield
  • Shrinkage
  • Gas porosity


  • No surface pinhole
  • Ultra-bright radiance
  • Surface pinhole and oxide
  • Grey bright due to dendrite


  • Better steering
  • Less mass and better fuel economic
  • Heavier and more fuel consumption

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