Research & Development

Continually investing in all areas to deliver better value products

SAI has invested in long-term research and development through engagement of several Ph.D.’s specialized in lightweight materials, forging processes, heat treatment, precision machining, surface treatment and composite materials. Our aerospace certified laboratories support the requirements of mechanical, corrosion and fatigue testing. SAI engages in developed programs through ongoing cooperation programs with universities, research institutes, and partners. The research and development fields include:

Parameters of Automobile Wheels and Suspension System Products

SAI invests in industrial, material, structural design and analysis, aerodynamics, static and dynamic strength to provide ultra-lightweight solutions and products for customers in automotive industry.

Lightweight Materials Development and Database Building

SAI invests in aluminum, magnesium, titanium alloy and carbon fiber composite materials research to build databases of thermal processing, fatigue and corrosion-resistant properties of those materials. By exploiting this data SAI is able to play a leading role in the utilization of these materials.

Automation Equipment Development

SAI keeps on developing automated inspection, measurement, manufacturing and monitoring equipment to improve in-house processes. Current projects involve the development of the recyclable material for light-weight vehicle suspension system.

Continuous investment in R&D, manpower, and equipment will accompany SAI into the future. 

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