Supplier Management

Setting sustainable operations as the principle, we maintain close cooperation with the supply chain to achieve mutual assistance for mutual benefits and sustainable business growth.

Requirements of Supplier Code of Conduct

We are committed to ensuring that supplier selection and evaluation are more than simply economic performance. Out of our concerns about human rights, labor standards, business ethics, environmental protection, and safety, apart from requesting suppliers to meet the standards for sustainable development, we also hope that all suppliers can adopt similar codes and all business activities can comply this Code and other the legal and regulatory requirements of the locations of operations. We further hope that suppliers can communicate this Code of Conduct to their employees, subsidiaries or affiliates, and contractors. We reserve the right to verify legal compliance within the whole supply chain. Supplier Code of Conduct

Requirements for environment, safety, and health management

We have established an environment, safety, and health (ESH) organization to promote the relevant matters. We have also established procedures relating to the occupational health and safety (OH&S) management of suppliers and contractors. Alongside supplier audits, we hope to raise the awareness of and improve the action for ESH issues in supply chain suppliers. Apart from requesting suppliers to ensure environmental legal compliance and conducting supplier ESH onsite audits, contractors implementing projects in-house are requested to sign the “Constructor ESH Management Notification” and given pre-construction ESH education and training.

Requirements for Management of Information Security and Prototype Protection

To enhance information security management; ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of proprietary information assets, we have specifically established the relevant policies and regulations to the legal requirements and customer requirements for information security and prototype protection. To maintain close supply chain cooperation, suppliers accessing the “confidential” and “secret” information and having contact with the prototypes of new development projects are requested to make continual improvement in the management of information security and prototype protection and cooperate with our relevant regulations and audit activities. Supplier Information Security AgreementSupplier Prototype Protection Agreement

Requirements for Non-Conflict  Minerals

By requesting suppliers to sign or provide the Statement of Conflict-Free Minerals, we eliminate using conflict minerals in production by enhancing supply chain management and effectively screening and tracing materials sources. Materials with doubts of conflict minerals will not be considered. 

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